How to clean the grill

Long and effective use of the outdoor grill largely depends on how you take care of it. We will help you understand the basic rules for cleaning the brazier and the grill grate, as well as share lifehacks that chefs use.

How to clean the barbecue bowl?

The easiest way is to start cleaning the brazier immediately after cooking, while the fat has not yet solidified. Let the bowl of the brazier cool down a bit. If there are drops of fat on the walls, make a water solution of vinegar 1: 1, and use a spray bottle to apply it to greasy places. Then use kitchen foil to clean off any food or grease.

It is better to use foil, and not a scraper or a metal brush because the latter can damage the layer of heat-resistant paint or non-stick coating (if there is one, of course).

If no fat gets on the bowl, but only soot remains, remove it from the ash pans, and wipe the walls and the inner surface of the barbecue with a damp cloth.

How to clean the grill grate?

The grate is in direct contact with the food, so it requires extra care.

Before you start cooking, grease the grill grate with vegetable oil. Such a simple action will not only protect food from burning but also help clean up food remains after the dish is ready.

It is also better to clean the grate while it is warm, then it is easier to wash off the fat. To do this, use the same water solution of vinegar (1: 1) and apply it to the entire surface of the grate. Then, using kitchen foil or a special brush/washcloth, remove food debris. After that, you can wash the grate with a regular dishwashing detergent or use a dishwasher.

What to do if you did not have time to wash the grate immediately after cooking? If you see that you cannot wash the grate immediately after cooking, do not spare 2-3 minutes and place it in a container with water and detergent. This way, even the next day, you can easily and quickly remove the remains of burnt food.

Everything has dried up, a few days have passed - what to do? That's not a problem! Remember that the main weapon in the fight against fat is heat. You can fill the grate with boiling water or reheat it and repeat the cleaning methods mentioned above.

How to clean the skewers?

Proceed in the same way as with cleaning the grill grate. However, there is one interesting folk method. After removing the meat from the skewers, place them in the sand. Important: skewers must be warm. The sand absorbs grease and after that, it will be much easier to clean them. But, remember that with such a “folk” method, be sure to thoroughly wash the skewers with detergent so that there are no traces of sand on them.

Grill storage rules

In order for the barbecue bowl not to rust and to please you with excellent work for a long time, store the product under a canopy when not in use. Do not leave the grill in the rain or snow. For the autumn-winter period, partially disassemble the brazier and store it in a dry place.

We hope that our tips will help you quickly clean the brazier and keep it in perfect condition.


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