10 tips to help you choose a brazier

Choosing a brazier is a responsible matter, but knowing the basic rules, making a purchase will be very simple.

Bowl shape

Choose rectangular bowls. Such models are considered universal, unlike round or oval braziers. They can simultaneously place both skewers and a grill grate.


It is about the internal height of the bowl. Ideally, it should be no more than 13-15 cm. This is the optimal height that allows you to leave a distance of 5 cm between the coals and meat. At this height, the heat will cover the dish, and the air will not be able to flow, as a result, the optimum temperature will be maintained in the bowl.

The quality and reliability of the bowl

The best bowls are made of steel. The optimal thickness is 3 mm. Too thick material will make the brazier heavy, and too thin material will quickly deform under the influence of high temperatures.

Slits and number of skewers

It all depends on how big your family is. For example, for a family of three, 6-8 skewers are enough, for four to five people, 10 skewers are enough.

Bowl design

It is best to choose models made of solid metal. In our catalog, you will find braziers with side bends of 45 degrees. This design resists warping and lasts longer.


Pay attention to the fact that the bowl is painted with heat-resistant paint. This coating can withstand up to 800 degrees. Be sure to do the first technical firing after purchase, because the braziers are not fired at the factory. Primary heat treatment is needed to polymerize the paint, in other words, to activate its properties and functions.

Holes in the bowl

In stores, you can see models of barbecues with holes in the side walls of the bowl. Most often they have a decorative purpose, while they are absolutely useless and can even harm the cooking process. Air will flow through these holes, which will only kindle a stronger fire. This can lead to the fact that the meat simply dries out and loses its taste.

Choose models with a monolithic bowl without any holes. The only acceptable option is the presence of holes in the bottom of the brazier, but on the condition that the model is equipped with ash pans.

Ash pans

These are special bowls in which ash accumulates. Due to the fact that they are put forward, when kindling a fire, they can be slightly opened to ensure active combustion at the start. When the coals turn white, close the ash pans and start cooking.


If you plan to use the barbecue periodically, it makes sense to consider folding models. They are more mobile, easy to fold and transport. If you plan to cook on an open fire regularly, consider stationary barbecue grills.


Everyone determines this criterion for themselves. At the same time, do not forget that the cheaper the brazier, the more disadvantages it has. In addition, a brazier is such a purchase that you make 1-2 times in your life, so is it worth saving on your own comfort and convenience?

You can choose a high-quality brazier in our catalog. Do you have any questions? We are always ready to help.


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