brazier Standart Air Grill

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  • type of
    brazier grill bbq
  • collapsible
  • material
  • furnace wall thickness
  • height, mm.
    830/980 (2000 roof)
  • length, mm.
    750 (1160 roof)
  • width, mm.
    420 (980 roof)
  • the weight
Detailed description

Grills of Standart Air series are partially collapsible.
The durability of the grill is ensured by the following parameters: steel thickness, refractory coating, trapezoidal profile of the walls and bends.
The bends along the end walls provide resistance to general deformation.
The combination of a roasting pan height of 15 cm, a trapezoid profile and a distance from food to coals of 5-7 cm, 
as well as insulated walls, forms a frying chamber that creates optimal conditions for cooking meat and vegetables.
The thickness of the coal layer should be 3-5 centimeters.
Products can be smoked and baked at low temperatures using the grill lid.
This configuration includes a roof that protects from rain and sun. 
The dimensions of the roof allow you to move the entire brazier completely, without disassembling the roof, for example, to a garage


Rectangular roaster with ceramic fiber-insulated sides 
- equipped with ash boxes and grate 
- trapezoidal profile of the walls serves against deformation 
- shaped cutouts for fixing skewers and rotation at 360 g 
- metal thickness 3 mm 
- covered with heat-resistant paint that can withstand up to +800 °C. 
The grill lid is made of stainless steel, equipped with a thermometer and convection adjustment, and has a convenient stainless steel handle for opening the lid.
The internal size is 390 x 612 mm.


Completely collapsible, it facilitates the process of transporting and storing the grill when it is not in use 
- all the parts of the strapping are covered in two layers of powder paint 
- the lower shelf for storage 
- wheels and a handle for moving the brazier 
- a roof against bad weather with a gutter for water drainage
- reliable fixation of the grill ensures the overall rigidity of the entire structure.

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Packing Information

BOX - №2 (70*43*26 cm. 31 kg.)
BOX - №5 (63*45*15 cm. 6 kg.)
BOX - №6 (93*59*3 cm. 10 kg.)
BOX - №7 (125*16*6 cm. 11 kg.)